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Smart911 allows the public to create a FREE Safety Profile with their phone numbers and enter their address, medical, disability and other information they want 9-1-1 to have. Approximately 75 percent of all 9-1-1 calls are made from wireless phones that only provide the general location of the caller, not an exact address. Smart911 is able to share important information with responders even if the caller cannot. Whether you live, work or travel in Snohomish County we encourage the public to consider creating a security profile.

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1. What is Smart911 and how does it work?

Smart911 is a service used by SNOCOM that allows residents to create a free Safety Profile and enter their address and vital information which may include medical information, gate codes or other details so that when they call 9-1-1, that information can be shared with call takers and emergency responders.

2. Is the Information Secure?

Smart911 stores information on secure servers and encrypts information entered by the public.  A safety profile can never be viewed by emergency responders or 911 except when a call is placed to 911, and then that information is only shared for a short time.

3. Does the safety profile only work in an area served by SNOCOM?

No the profile is made available to any 911 center using Smart911, but only when a registered device calls 911.  Already in use in 1,000 communities including areas of King County, the system is growing in popularity.  If you on vacation or traveling in an area using Smart911, having a safety profile is a great idea.

4. Why are you implementing this now?

National Night Out is an opportunity for the public to interact with the emergency responders and we felt it was a great opportunity to officially launch Smart911 in Snohomish County.  We will have materials distributed at a variety of events in the county encouraging the public to create a safety profile.

5. What other communities have implemented this program and how has it worked for them?

Smart911 is in use in more than 1,000 communities including areas of King County.

6. How long does it take someone to create a Safety Profile with Smart911?

Depending on how much information you wish to provide, it can take as little as 10 minutes to create your Profile.  Visit to sign up.

7. Can more than one family member be registered from one phone?

Yes. A Profile can contain many family members tied to a single phone number or multiple phone numbers and addresses. A profile can include pictures and information.

8. Will this system speed up response times?

Smart911 provides 911 centers and emergency responders with additional information which can help to enhance the effectiveness of an emergency response.

9. How often does this system need to be updated?

You can update your information as often as there are changes, but you must verify your information at least every six months.  Smart911 prompts users to update their profile using email and text reminders.  Emergency responders want to ensure that people’s Profiles are always up-to-date.   

9. Does the public have to create a safety profile?

No, participation is completely optional and voluntary. 

Communities: Getchell, Sisco Heights, and Lake Cassidy Area


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