About us

Getchell Fire Mission Statement:

The mission of the Getchell Fire Department is to compassionately take care of people by proactively solving both complex and simple problems that are both emergent and non emergent in nature with the highest degree of skill, pride, and professionalism.


Vision Statement:

  1. To be recognized by the community and other emergency service organizations as extremely competent at providing emergency services.
  2. To be an organization that other organizations strongly desire to partner with.
  3. To maximize any and all alternative revenue streams available in order to enhance service delivery, and keep property taxes minimal.
  4. Provide our constituents a quality level of service at a reasonable cost.
  5. To overwhelmingly be supported by or community.
  6. To be proactive at preventing property loss, injuries, and death for both our internal and external customers.
  7. If it enhances our level of service and we can afford to do it, we shall.
  8. To be fully committed to the professional development of our members.



SCFPD# 22 Facts: 

Fire Chief            Travis Hots

Assistant Chief    Jeremy Stocker

Population           5000 

Land Area           17 square miles South border 60th Street, East Border Marysville City Limits (SR9 and 78th Ave), north 140th Street, East 139th Ave NE.

Incidents             1,631 (2018) 

Budget                $1,100,000 Tax Collection Fire and EMS. $200,000 Alternative Revenue. 

Operations Profile: 

        1        Fire Station    

        2        Engines  

        1        Command Vehicle  

        2        Staff Cars

        1        Water Tender 

        2        Aid Cars    

        3        Brush Units


You can contact us at 360-659-6400.




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